A proven patient engagement solution that checks all of
your boxes.

reduce costs

Our program is shown to have a 5:1 return on investment.

proven & accredited

Pack Health is accredited by the NCQA across five domains of population health.

designed to scale

Our dynamic platform is built to complement your existing infrastructure and programs.

member-first care

High-touch, compassionate, and accessible engagement for any age, ability status, and geographic location.

A better way to do more
on one platform.

From a single focus, like condition management, to multi-focused solutions, Pack Health can do it all.

One-on-One Health Coaching

When patients become Pack Health members, they are paired with a board-certified Health Advisor. Members connect with the same Health Advisor each week through weekly calls, texts, and emails. Health Advisors build a relationship with each member founded on compassion and accountability to empower and guide members through their health journey.
Device Training and Support
Our in-house support team is trained to provide support across injections, oral pills, infusions, and more.
Social Determinant Resources
Pack Health is able to deploy in-house and partner-facilitated resources that address barriers caused by social determinants of health, such as non-emergency medical transport, local social resources, and more.
Remote Patient Monitoring
Pack Health integrates with more than 450 devices that patients are already using, including smart scales, glucometers, fitness watches, and more. Our robust infrastructure allows patients to easily track important health measures from any location.
Condition-Specific Meal Delivery
Those who are food insecure are also more likely to be affected by other social determinants that contribute to worsened health outcomes. Pack Health has the ability to deploy condition-specific food boxes to eligible populations to simultaneously address food insecurity and condition management.

A better way to meet patient needs.

Each Pack Health program is designed to centralize whole person health by addressing
chronic conditions, comorbidities, and social determinants.

Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Prevention (DPP)
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Weight Management


Multiple Sclerosis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Rheumatoid Arthritis


CAR T-Cell
Multiple Myleoma




Chronic Pain
Crohn's & Colitis
Musculoskeletal Pain


Atrial Fibrillation
Heart Failure


Food Insecurity
Maternal Health


High Stress
Chronic Pain


Compassionate, patient-first engagement.

A little human-to-human support can go a long way. We infuse every conversation with empathy and understanding. Pack Health members give us 4.5 out of 5 stars for experience.

I just got my A1c back! I am down to 7.8 from 10.5 and I am also down 9 more lbs. Thank you for changing my life.

a woman smiling for the camera

Pack Health Member with Type 2 Diabetes

I am thrilled with this program, including my Health Advisor! He is caring, effective and encouraging. I would never have improved my health without him.

a close up of a man

Pack Health Member with Prostate Cancer

I have truly enjoyed having you helping me with this quest in my life. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me.

a woman smiling for the camera

Pack Health Member

Trusted experience. Reliable results.


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There’s a better way to better health.