Better Health Begins with Basic Conversations

Pack Health redefines health journeys with convenient, actionable, one-on-one digital health coaching for over 25+ chronic conditions.

Solving the 6,000-hour problem.

The average patient is only with their provider for 1 of the 6,000 hours that they’re awake each year. We fill in the gaps. 

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Remote, evidence-based support.

We help people change behavior with structured, systematic, human-to-human support, all via phone, text, and email.

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Addressing Root Causes

We help members address social determinants,
overcome their barriers, and get resources they
need to achieve their goals. 

One Platform with Configurable Member Journeys

Pack Health offers condition-specific coaching for 25+ chronic conditions.
51% average increase in weekly exercise
Pain reduced by

Tumor-Agnostic Symptom Management
Breast Cancer
Multiple Myeloma
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia
Clinical Trials Support

50% reduction in flare frequency.
Musculoskeletal pain
reduced by 31%

Chronic Pain
Hepatitis C
HIV Prevention Program
Hospital Readmissions Prevention
Overactive Bladder
Opioid Misuse Prevention
Musculoskeletal Pain

Our Results, Your Returns

For Payors

Personalized to Support

Remote, human-to-human support that meets every individual’s needs.

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For Health Systems

Innovation to Improve Care

We use digital technologies, such as Remote Patient Monitoring, to improve chronic care management.

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For Providers

An Extension of Clinical Care

Providing value for providers by complementing existing services.

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The right package for your patient population

Custom Eligibility Criteria

Select appropriate diagnoses
and member type based
on prevalence data.

Choice of Billing Models

Pack Health offers claims, invoice,
and other billing options to
fit your needs.

Tailored For Each Population

Choose which resource and
device integrations you want
to offer to your population.

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