Having conversations with your doctor is very important, but they can’t answer the questions you don’t ask. In honor of National Primary Care Week, we’ve put together ten questions to help you out on your next visit. These questions, combined with the ones you’ve come up with on your own, will help you get the information you need to stay healthy! Click here to download a copy to stick on your refrigerator or take with you on your next doctor’s visit.

01 What are my vital signs? What should they be? How will this affect me in the long run?

02 Is my weight within the healthy range? How can I improve my eating habits (things to avoid, things to consume, etc.)?

03 Am I Getting Enough Sleep?

04 Does My Family’s Health Put Me At Risk? Am I at risk for diabetes?

05 Is there anything I can do on my own to improve my condition and where can I learn more about my health?

06 What do I need to know about any recommended treatment? Why am I taking this prescribed medication?

07 What are the preventive screenings that someone my age should receive?

08 Is there anything I should be doing differently to live a longer life?

09 What should I work on before my next visit?

10 “What questions haven’t I asked that I should have?”

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