The holidays are already here, and with it comes pressure from friends and family at holiday parties to be merry. When it comes to social pressure and eating, we’ve already got you covered here. This post will mostly focus on mocktails (cocktails without alcohol) that you can order anywhere that serves cocktails in order to stay on track with your goals. These mocktails even come served looking like a regular drink so you can avoid going through the explanation of why you’re not drinking with everyone. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to feel left out from the fun because they’re on a medication that doesn’t mix well with alcohol or have a condition that they should avoid alcohol with. Want to print these recipes out for yourself? Click here.

01 Virgin Tom Collins

a bottle of wine on a table

This one is a great choice because it features lemon juice with a little sweetener and is floated with soda water to give it a bubbly boost!  It’s basically a bubbly lemonade. Lemon juice does not have as much sugar in it as say cranberry or orange juice, so it makes for a good choice. You can even ask for them to go light on the sweetener if you’re watching your blood sugar levels.

02 Virgin Mule

Even though ginger beer has the word beer in the name, it’s still a nonalcoholic beverage. The spicy flavor from the ginger dances on your tongue and tartness from the lime helps to keep the drink’s balance. Meanwhile, the carbonation tickles your throat, making it one of the most layered mocktails you can order. An added bonus: Since there are only two ingredients, you’ll find a pretty uniform experience anywhere you order it.

03 Virgin Bloody Mary

This one is great for any brunch style events you attend. Bloody mix is usually packed full of nutrients derived from vegetable juices. If you’re watching your sodium intake, you might want to skip this one since most are packed with high levels of sodium. Add a couple of dashes of your favorite hot sauce, and you’re in for a spicy treat!

Hopefully these simple mocktail orders can help you avoid the awkward feeling of not having a drink in hand during a social holiday event and protect your health from the dangers that can come from mixing alcohol with certain conditions and medications. If you want to create some mocktails at home for enjoyment or to impress your friends, check out these health-friendly mocktails. For a more general idea on surviving the holidays, you can check out our post on staying ahead of the holiday hoopla.

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