It’s a brand new year! Need a fresh start? While you’re working on following through with those New Year’s resolutions and goals, take time to declutter your life by getting organized around the house, spending extra time focused on self-care, and taking care of the environment. Check out our 10 tips for getting organized this year:

01 Write Everything Down

Have you noticed you’re forgetting birthdays, appointments, and important dates? Don’t rely on your memory to remember all that’s going on, especially in the midst of a crazy hectic life. Keep a detailed calendar of important reminders, or, check out tip #9 for a digital organization suggestion.

02 Clean

Pick one space per week or month, depending on your health and schedule, to organize and deep clean. Check out this holiday clean up guide to help you get started.

03 Tidy Up

Spend 15-20 minutes a day cleaning and tidying up to maintain an ordered home. This could mean cleaning up after you’re finished cooking a meal or having your kids or grandkids tidy up after a board game.

04 Prepare for a New Day

Instead of climbing into bed with nothing prepared for the following day, pick out your clothes and lay them out for easy access in the morning.

05 Start the Day Strong

If you’re able, make your bed every morning. It’s said that people who make their beds are happier and more productive. Why not start each day off on a positive note!

06 Recycle and Donate

Do you have clothes you haven’t worn in a year that are just hanging in your closet? Books that you’ve already read collecting dust on your shelf? Or bags and boxes left over from the holidays? Make a trip to your local recycling plant or donation box to not only declutter your spaces but help the environment and those in need.

07 Give Before you Buy

Next time you go to buy something for yourself, give one thing away beforehand. This will help you keep your spaces balanced and avoid overbuying. Only keep what you need. Focus on getting rid of the unnecessary items in your life.

08 Label Foods and Perishable Items

Has anyone else stumbled upon that Tupperware turned science experiment lately – do you still have holiday leftovers lingering in your refrigerator with a little extra green growing on them? Ick! Try labeling your containers and food items before loading the refrigerator or pantry.

09 Get a Task Management App on your SmartPhone

Essentially this is a digital to-do list, and don’t worry, if you prefer the pen and paper version, that works just as effectively. Some of our favorites are Wunderlist, Todoist, and Things. Try downloading one today to keep up with all you have to accomplish!

10 Spend Time on Yourself

Whether it’s entertaining an existing hobby or finding a new one, do something that challenges and rewards you. Also, take time to rest. A rested mind and body will perform better than a tired one, after all.

We hope you’re feeling a bit more prepared for a productive year! With these pointers, you’ll be able to tackle the goals and resolutions you’ve set for yourself with ease and success. Talk to your health advisor for more pointers!

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