Knowing the triggers that can worsen your asthma will help you recognize when to be extra cautious of your surroundings. Being extra cautious might mean planning ahead with an action plan or stepping up your medications during certain times of the year. This will help reduce your risk of an asthma attack.

A majority of asthma is caused by allergies. That’s because your immune system can overreact to pollen, pets, molds, insects, or other pests. An overreaction can cause inflammation in your lungs. Allergy testing can help you find out specifically what your allergy triggers are. It can be beneficial to ask your clinician if you need allergy testing. Your allergy test may also indicate that you may be allergic to indoor allergens. The test can help identify some changes you may want to make in your home.

If you find through an allergy test or by tracking your symptoms that you are allergic to your pet, then try not to allow your pet to enter your bedroom. Wash clothes or items that have been near the animal.

If you are allergic to dust mites, experts recommend a dust mite cover for your mattress and pillowcases. Another tip that has shown to improve asthma conditions is to get an exterminator to clean the house of general pests like cockroaches and mice. Keeping the humidity low in your home (at less than 50 percent) is also recommended.

Infections can play a major role in worsening your asthma. If you know that getting a cold or the flu can worsen your asthma, then you should take more precautions during the fall and winter.

If perfume or smoke makes your asthma worse, make sure to carry your rescue medication before encountering a situation where these irritants may be present. Sometimes it may be beneficial to take your rescue medication before you encounter these situations. Ask your clinician if that’s an option for you.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your Health Advisor to identify other potential triggers that may affect you. We’re here to help!

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