Evan is a Health Advisor Team Lead here at Pack Health HQ and he’s extremely dedicated to living a healthy life, so much so, that he’s willing to experiment with various healthful activities and report back to give us the inside scoop.

I’ve got to be real with you.

With the summer months quickly approaching, things can get pretty hectic. I already feel like I’ve gotten behind. BUT – like I tell my members, there’s no time like the present to recommit yourself to your goals, and I’m determined to spend the rest of the month focusing on a single thing I can accomplish.

My goal for this month is to try out some different meditation techniques.  Shout out to Emily Forrester for the suggestion!  Meditation is a great way to focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness is another word for mental health so don’t let all these words confuse you. You can also learn more about mindfulness meditation here.

Why is this a health goal?

Taking time out of the day for your mental health is so important for a healthy lifestyle.  We tend to forget that our brain burns about 20% of your daily calories.  That’s more than any of the muscles you would work out at a gym, so keeping the brain happy is crucial to your health.

Exercise is good for your mind too. Start with an easy 10 to 15-minute walk.  Walking is a great way to clear the head and focus on yourself.  You can get some good physical activity too.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

For the rest of the month, I’ve decided to try out some different types of meditation techniques for my mental health. I’ve made it my goal to keep this going through the end of October, so we’ll see what it’s like to try to fit mindfulness into a weekend routine.

P.S. Tiny steps are easier to achieve with a little support. Have a favorite meditation you do? Let me know and I’ll give it a try! Want to try meditation with me? I’d love to see what techniques you’re trying on Instagram and Twitter! Don’t forget to tag @PackHealth!

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