Everything in Moderation

Times of celebration tend to be seen as times of indulgence, and that’s okay.

The Pack Health program isn”t one of those crazy restrictive diets where we ask you to forgo your family’s holiday traditions for a protein shake. If you’re a member you know, it’s not a diet at all: it’s a lifestyle change.

Gratitude and satisfaction are essential to a happy, healthy life, so while you’re enjoying the rest of 2017, be sure to savor each and every moment, and utilize our tips are about tiny steps you can take to make the most of the day and build healthy traditions in the years to come.

The more you move

How much of the day do you spend on your feet or outside? Our favorite holiday traditions include family walks, tossing around a football, and dancing to your favorite tunes. These active traditions are not only a fun way to spend time with people you love, they’re also getting your blood pumping and burning more calories than you would while sitting on the couch.

The more you cook

Cooking is another great way to be on your feet, and as a bonus, you can make conscious choices about what makes it onto your plate. If Aunt Sue and Cousin Andy are loading up the dressing with butter, maybe you have a smaller serving and balance things out with a roasted vegetable side. These conscious food choices can follow you into the start of 2018, too!

The more you hydrate

Number one thing for both exercise and healthy eating is that you’re staying hydrated. Water can give you a better sense of your fullness – if you’re dehydrated, you may confuse thirst for hunger, and eat more than you need. It also gives you the energy to stay active. If you’re doing an outdoor activity, be sure to bring a water bottle along.

The better your portions

Let’s be real: when you really overstuff yourself, it doesn’t feel great. You want to try every dish when you’re dining with friends and family, and that’s fine, the key is portion control. There are three pies at the table and you want them all: have a tiny sliver (or single bite) of each. The key is moderation and recognizing when you’re full.

The more you know

There are some simple swaps you can make for a Pack-Health approved holiday season and start the new year. Are you in the know? Take our Holiday Health IQ quiz here.

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