Extending patient support between visits and outside of clinic doors.

Pack Health helps health systems and providers keep patients healthy and adherent to treatment plans by providing complementary support to clinical care.

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Social determinants of health can drive up to as much as 80% of health outcomes.1

Pack Health’s high-touch, human-to-human gets to the root causes of chronic disease and delivers targeted resources to help members overcome barriers to condition management.
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Featured in the American Diabetes Association® Support Directory

Improving Patient-Identified Wellness Barriers in Those Diagnosed with Cancer

Presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2019 Annual Meeting.

Clinically Significant Results for HbA1c Improvement

Presented in an Oral Presentation at the American Diabetes Association 80th Scientific Sessions. 2020.

Impact of Digital Remote Health Coaching for Patients with Chronic Conditions on QALYs

Presented at 23rd Annual International Meeting International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. 2018.

Pack Health’s evidence-based
program is proven and recognized across 25+ chronic conditions. 

From cardiometabolic to autoimmune to oncology, Pack Health covers more conditions than any other digital health coaching company in the market. By helping members address all of their conditions at once, we help them build better, more sustainable behavior changes for life.

Pack Health effectively engages Medicare and Medicare Advantage members by providing personalized, intuitive, human-to-human support. 


of members who were at risk for
depression are no longer at risk.

1 in 5

of those with moderate to severe pain reported
no pain in three months or less.

1 in 2

reported reducing their
financial distress.

Providing support to members with chronic conditions gets results.

Providing members a solution that helps them manage all their chronic conditions at once results in lower healthcare utilization, lower costs, and improved member satisfaction.
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Plus, members achieve their health goals and get a program they want (and like) to use.

“It really focuses on the comprehensive delivery of what’s needed for the patient… It’s using all different ways to touch patients where they are because that’s where care is going.”


Dr. Stacy Garrett-Ray
Vice President, University of Maryland Medical System

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