There are a lot of diets out there, weight loss programs with strict rules, low-calorie alternatives, and high price tags. They tend to involve a lot of rules, a lot of restriction, a lot of angst. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be so overwhelming! You should be able to enjoy food and feel satisfied after a meal.

So before you pull your hair out over which diet is best for you, try making your meals fit into the simple guidelines of The Healthy Plate.  It is not here to punish you, but to help you figure out what delicious foods can be put together at healthy portions to give you the eating habits to last a lifetime!

In a nutshell, The Healthy Plate helps you to replace unhealthy foods with healthier options, while sticking to appropriate portion sizes. Have fun with it! Trying a variety of recipes can make this nutrition thing fun and exciting too!

Begin with breakfast. Wrap up your healthy plate ingredients in a low-calorie breakfast burrito or blend them in a breakfast smoothie. If you’re having trouble, ask your Health Advisor for specific recipes that meet your specific health needs and flavor preferences.

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