Healthy eating habits aren’t always the most popular choice. Many classic party foods are unhealthy foods, and it can feel awkward (and nearly impossible at times) to resist these treats when everyone around you is dipping chips or indulging in a rich dessert.

At Pack Health we’ve found members do better when they get their friends and family members on board, and that friends and family members learn best by example. When you start eating healthy and feeling better, it shows!

At that point, the same friends who rolled their eyes the first time you portion-controlled your dessert will start asking you for healthy recipe recommendations, or asking you for advice on how to resist an unhealthy urge!

We’re getting excited about the upcoming weekend because, you guessed it, more football!! But this weekend, we’re going to try out a few tips to see if they keep us on track. Try them with us!

01 Stay Hydrated

A big glass of water is your first line of defense against mindless eating. It may only take a few sips to realize – “I’m not hungry, I’m thirsty!” – and feel quite full. Choosing water throughout the day instead of alcoholic beverages or soda will also keep you feeling cool, fresh, and full of energy to cheer on your favorite team!

02 Come Prepared

Bring a few healthy dishes or snacks for yourself, but also for your friends and family hoping to stay on track as well. Try our recipes for guacamole and vegetarian chili!

03 Fill up on Healthy Options

Another great way to prepare for a day filled with temptation is eating a light and healthy meal beforehand. You’ll be less likely to mindlessly graze on the unhealthy foods available.

04 Make Healthy Festive

Have you tried infused water? Do you spice things up? Healthy eating doesn’t have to be bland – choose bold flavors and make healthy food you enjoy! Recipe ideas here.

05 Portions, Portions, Portions

A lot of your healthy snack options, like nuts or guacamole, are a bit high in calories. The key is to be aware and exercise portion control. Protip: Instead of dipping directly or picking nuts straight out of the bowl, grab a small plate and load half with fresh veggies. Now you’ve got just enough room left for 1-2 hot wings, a dollop of each of your favorite dips, a chip or two if you choose to indulge, and a few nuts.


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