Looking for a hobby? We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite healthy activities for you to try.

01 Turn the Kitchen into Your Sanctuary – Jumping back in the kitchen and learning a few new recipes to woo your family is a great way to channel time and energy. Now is a great time to try out that new cooking method you saw on the news!

02 Plant a Garden – Getting your hands dirty is said to relieve stress. Pick a few of your favorite fruits and vegetables or flowers and see what that green thumb is made of!

03 Make a Furry Friend – Get a pet! Pets are a wonderful way to channel love and energy. Whether you’re opting for a kitten or a dog, visit your local shelter to see who needs your love!

04 Read a Book – Jump into the pages of a novel you’ve been meaning to read. Getting lost in the lives of characters is a wonderful way to relieve ongoing stresses in your life, by momentarily drifting off into a different world!

05 Go for a Stroll – Find a friend and catch up with over a brisk walk on a beautiful day. You’re not only bolstering a friendship, you’re getting a little exercise in for the day as well!

06 Bust a Move – Join a dance class and feel the rhythm! Dance away the stresses of everyday life and break a little sweat while you’re at it!

07 Knit a Scarf – knitting is a wonderful way to showcase your hand-eye coordination and not to mention, having a soft finished product is an added bonus!

08 Break a Leg – Not literally, of course! Join a drama club and showcase your acting abilities. Step into the lives of the characters and learn a few acting techniques while you’re at it.

09 Point and Shoot – Pick up the art of photography and join a photography club. Learning to take beautiful photos is a great way to showcase artistic ability.

10 Lend a Helping Hand – Volunteer for local charities and serve those around you. Giving back is a wonderful way to de-stress, act selflessly and experience gratitude towards your own life.

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