‘Tis the season for a happy holiday! A lot of times, the holidays bring ample opportunity to wreck your health goals with access to splurge worthy food and lack of time or motivation for fitness goals. We want to share a few tips and insider recipe guides so you can enjoy indulging in the holiday festivities with a clear conscious. Check out these 5 reasons to eat healthy this holiday!

01 Decide Beforehand

With so many different food items to choose from at the grocery store or at a family member’s house, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The best plan of action is to decide beforehand what is going to be on your menu. Think main and side dishes, but also think snacking and drinks. Veggie dishes are going to be cheaper, and you’d be amazed how delicious and festive they can be (check out our roasting guide here)!

02 Tactical Shopping

In the grocery store, holiday marketing is always rampant! Sugary coated goodies can be found on nearly every aisle, so it’s wise to be prepared. There are a few ways to counter these marketing tactics and avoid unhealthy splurges that interfere with your budget and health goals. Consider looking through store’s website first, so you arive the store with an action plan and a budget. Many grocery chains like Walmart and Publix have a pick-up service. You could type in the exact things you need and add them to your cart to be picked up at the store. If you decide to use the online shopping option, remember to use coupon plug-ins like honey so that you can save money while shopping online!

03 Get Social

If you find yourself at a friend or family member’s house for a holiday celebration, you’ll find a buffet table full of delectable goodies. The plus side: you’re only cooking a dish or two and getting a lot of free food from your community. On the flip side, a lot of that food might not be so healthy. There are a few ways to make this work better for you.

  • Clever Transformations: A pack of lettuce is a cost-effective way to completely transform your feast. Start with a bed of your favorite greens (we usually go with spring mix or, to be festive, arugula, baby spinach, or watercress) and then top with smaller servings of meat, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and other compatible dishes. Anything that doesn’t jibe with your everything-but-the-kitchen-sink salad can find it’s place on the corner of your plate.
  • Have a healthy “pre-game”: Consider hosting a veggie roasting party with a few attendees (1-4 friends or family members) where you each bring a few different ingredients and make your dishes together.
  • Bring tupperware: Portion control is everything, and tupperware can help you politely decline seconds and save food to enjoy and transform in creative ways throughout the week.


04 Use ProTips to Find Healthier Food at a Lower Price

A huge part of eating healthy on a budget is navigating the world of deals and discounts. This means knowing where to look, and planning ahead. Use these tips to become a pro at locating healthy, delicious, affordable food.

05 Get Cooking

Tempting as it may be to go out for festive dinners and events, planning your own celebration can help you keep things healthy and manage the cost. To get you inspired and ready to get busy in the kitchen, check out this holiday swaps guide for a few easy and healthy swaps.



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