Smoothies can be a sweet treat or an energizing breakfast to jumpstart your day. They don’t have to be restricted to just the warm weather months either, they’re delicious and full of nutrients all year long. They’re refreshing, tasty, and can pack a lot of nutrients in every sip. But not all smoothies are created equally.

Some smoothies on the market have more sugar than you should be eating in an entire day! A small Banana Berry Smoothie at Jamba Juice, for example, has 60g of sugar – that’s as much sugar as you would find in 6 Krispy Kreme doughnuts! It’s easy to assume something made up of almost entirely fruit is ‘healthy’, it’s important to check for the hidden sugars!

So how should you go about making a healthy smoothie that actually tastes good? Can a healthy smoothie even taste good? The answer is ‘absolutely yes’!

Click here for a few of our favorite smoothie recipes! PROTIP: A few of our recipes use 1 tsp honey for sweetness. If you’re watching your sugar intake, you can swap in ½ tsp of Stevia.

OR ask your Health Advisor for their recommendations.

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