Healthy eating. Whole 30. Dry January. Work out every day. Run a marathon. These are a few of the goals we’ve heard people set for themselves this year.  Did you know that studies show people break their New Year’s resolutions within the first two weeks of starting? We sat down with Health Advisor and registered dietitian Jennifer Dunn to see how she kick-starts her year: By getting organized, keeping a 2019 goal going, and seeing if she can do one small thing for 52 weeks.

Goal-setting for the new year

Something we live by here at Pack Health is setting S.M.A.R.T goals. Jennifer tries to set them for herself as well. “At the start of the year, the first thing I do is make a spreadsheet to outline my goals and work through the details,” she said. “This is where I keep my goals and resolutions. Under the ‘details’ section, I like to write notes on how many times I want to do something. I also like to give myself a deadline for my goals. Most of my workout goals are for the end of the year, so I have time to work up to what I want to achieve.” Here’s what her spreadsheet looks like for 2020.

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Making your own salad dressing and marinades goes a long way

“This was a 2019 goal of mine, and I am proud to say that I kept this goal for the entire 52 weeks, so I decided to make it another goal of mine this year,” Jennifer said. “I take a salad for lunch every day and didn’t want to use store-bought dressings each time. Salad dressings that you find in the store are usually high in sugar and fat. Making your own ensures that it’s fresh, trans-fat free, preservative- and chemical-free, and lower in calories and fat. I really enjoy a balsamic vinaigrette like this one.

“I also enjoy making my own marinades. I make my own marinades for the same reasons I make salad dressing. It’s a healthier option and I can control what I put in there. I love tofu! Especially with the right flavors on it, it makes for a great protein source. Here are some of my favorite recipes!”

A new (small) goal for 2020

“This may seem silly, but I vowed to turn on the stove vent every time I cook,” Jennifer said. “I leave a sticky note next to the stove reminding me. While turning on a stove vent may seem minor, it’s really exciting when I can look back at the year and see that I did something every day that I wanted/needed to do. Sometimes small goals get lost in the hustle and bustle of the day, so a sticky note is a great way to keep people on track.”


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