Living a healthful life not only includes eating well and taking care of your body, it also encompasses taking time to do the things you love. No matter how busy, you should always strive to carve out a little time for yourself.

Beyond the obvious – hobbies being activities we enjoy – hobbies have a number of benefits for our health and wellbeing. Here are our top 5:

01 Hobbies make it easy to structure our time and live according to a schedule. In other words, they help with time management. If we have time commitments regarding our hobbies, such as guitar practice at 4 pm or a workout class to get to before work, we’re more inclined to operate efficiently. In a sense, hobbies keep us accountable for our time and help us make the most of both our free and occupied time.

02 Hobbies give us a brain boost.  When we fully immerse ourselves in activities that are stimulating and meaningful, we’re developing the mental muscle of being active and aware. While screentime is nice (and brainless) in moderation, it is wise to try and monitor this time to maximize healthy brain engagement.

03 Hobbies give us depth. When we’re able to discuss a hobby with a friend or coworker, it gives us more of an identity and meaning, thus resulting in a higher self-worth. Passion is contagious and people like to be around other people that are passionate about what they do!

04 Hobbies help us cope with stress. If we’re diving head-first into a crazy week at work, it’s beneficial to have an outlet that reminds us of our passions and worth that will ultimately build us up. Not to mention, it’s nice to have something outside of work that allows us to thrive and learn something new!

05 Hobbies can help us meet people. If we’re taking a group cooking class or we’re in a book club, chances are we’re meeting up weekly or monthly with people possessing a similar interest. This is a great environment to make new friends!

If you’re looking for a new hobby, check out this post we wrote about our 10 favorite healthy hobbies, or talk to your Health Advisor! They know you better, so they may have more personalized recommendations for hobbies that will be the most fun and beneficial for you.

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