Free Digital Health Coaching

for your patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

Pack Health’s digital health coaching helps patients stay on track between visits by increasing adherence, satisfaction, and outcomes in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

"Every time I stepped on the scale, I could see a pound or two drop."


Pack Health Member

"Someone being there to help you stay on track - it really works!"


Pack Health Member who lost 17lbs

"It's fun, and it's simple, and your Health Advisor actually cares"

Todd Bello

Pack Health Member

Better Behaviors, Better Outcomes


Best in Class
Outcomes Improvement

Our IBD has shown a 47% reduction in flare frequency, a 22% increase in medication adherence, and a 22.1% increase in health self-efficacy.


Increased Patient
Satisfaction and Safety

In addition to increasing adherence,
coordinating key visits, and reducing
unnecessary utilization, Pack Health keeps
patients engaged and increases satisfaction.


Aligning to
Value-Based Payment

Pack Health maps all content,
curriculum, coaching, and
interventions to quality ratings
and reimbursement measures.

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