Deeper Insights, Better Outcomes

Patient behavior predicts more than 50% of health outcomes. Pack Health captures unique insights on barriers and goals to develop a deeper understanding of the patient experience.

The New Dataset:
Patient-Reported Outcomes

  • systematic capture of Social Determinants of Health
  • 150+ validated patient reported outcomes measures collected every
    3 months – all aligned to validated scales
  • integration capabilities to capture data from 200+
    health monitoring devices

Our Insights

Using Patient Reported Outcomes

Using Patient Reported Outcomes

Leverage our expertise in the collection and design of PRO measures to better understand the patient experience.

Digital Empathy

Digital Health

Call on our expertise to better understand and leverage digital tools for improved patient experience, engagement, outcomes.

The Value Economy

The Value Economy

Make us your go-to for questions about quality reimbursement measures and how to solve for barriers beyond clinic doors.

Digital Empathy Gets Results

By building relationships and addressing social determinants, we help our members overcome barriers, improve health behaviors, and get real results in as little as 12 weeks.

1 in 2

members who were medication
non-adherent were adherent
in three months or less.


who were at risk for depression
were no longer at risk
by the end of engagement.


average body weight
lost per member across
conditions in 12 weeks

1 in 2

chronic pain members
report reducing their pain
in three months or less.

Pack Health’s evidence-based program is proven and recognized across 25+ chronic conditions. 

Featured in the American Diabetes Association® Support Directory

Improving Patient-Identified Wellness Barriers in Those Diagnosed with Cancer

Presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2019 Annual Meeting.

Clinically Significant Results for HbA1c Improvement

Presented in an Oral Presentation at the American Diabetes Association 80th Scientific Sessions. 2020.

Impact of Digital Remote Health Coaching for Patients with Chronic Conditions on QALYs

Presented at 23rd Annual International Meeting International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. 2018.

Pack Insights

In addition to member insights on the member experience, Pack Health uses its own verified patient panels to deliver valuable insights across the patient experience in healthcare.

Find Your Population

Verified panels for 25+ chronic conditions. Segment by condition or by patient profiles.

Take A Closer Look

Leverage our expertise for best-in-class survey design and in-depth analytics.

Monthly Insights

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