Living in Community

Living with rheumatoid arthritis means I have to fight for the life I want every day. Part of that is getting educated and motivated by my Pack Health coach on ways I can take tiny steps to manage my disease for a better outcome.

What I have also found invaluable in managing life with RA is the community. When I was first diagnosed, I needed someone to tell me it was going to be okay.

Finding a place of hope.

My doctor told me the downside of my disease but didn’t explain that many people nowadays are able to function pretty well once they find the right regimen. I needed to meet others with RA who not only were surviving, but thriving!

I have met some people who are living in remission or near to it, who gave me hope during my darkest days. Others may be in chronic pain, and even disabled. And yet, among the hurting are often a few bright shining stars who manage to keep a positive attitude despite it all. They remind me that happiness is an inside job.

Yes, you really can cry on my shoulder

Community isn’t just about being inspired, though. Often it’s about finding people who really get where you’re at. Where you can get real and admit that today, you’re hurting. It helps to know that someone really, truly understands.

Whether you’re dealing with bad news from the doctor, bone-crushing pain, fears about medication side effects, or frustrations over the toll your disease may have taken on your social life (or even your sex life), a good RA support group will be there to get you through.

Gentle hugs and a little laughter

There is nothing like a community to keep your supply of virtual {gentle hugs} going! Perhaps it’s because when you get one, you feel like giving one too! And while RA is no laughing matter, a little humor now and then never hurts. Who else but a fellow RA sufferer can possibly appreciate your fuzzy bunny slippers, sweatpants fashion, and your special relationship with your phlebotomist?

With Pack Health, you’re able to find friends to laugh with and cry with, who will support you in your journey with RA. After all, isn’t life is always more fun with a traveling companion? Pack Health Community offers a safe place to share what you’re going through. So be real. Be you. Get connected. You’re not alone.


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