How’d you hear about Pack Health and what made you want to sign up?

I heard about Pack Health through PEEHIP. I’ve been fighting a weight war for a long time (decades). I could see it was starting to affect my health as I was getting older and thought to myself, “I really need to get this weight off”. I was always reluctant to using things like weight watchers and thought I could do it by myself, but couldn’t. Throughout the years I would lose weight, then slowly gain it back. I looked up Pack Health on the internet and realized how great it was and the impact it could have on me, based on other stories I’d read.

We’re so happy to have you! How has your experience been so far? How’s it been with Jennifer?

It’s been awesome! Having that positive person that keeps me accountable is great. She never tells me that I’m doing something wrong, but gently and effectively guides me to the next steps in my journey. I not only have a medical professional but a friend. I can be completely honest and not receive judgment. She’s my cheerleader.

Did you two set any specific Tiny Steps you’d like to share?

I get to choose what my goal is, and that allows me to find another way to change my lifestyle. The healthy plate model has been great and has taught me a new, fresh way to look at my meals. I used to focus solely out the outward effects of my new healthy lifestyle. For instance, how quickly can I lose weight? But now, my perspective has changed. I’m now more focused on how I can become healthier from the inside out. The Tiny Steps gave me guidance, and I know myself better than anyone else, so I know what I need to do to change my life. Jen helped teach me to look at myself in a positive light and has reminded me that I can do this.

How has Pack Health helped you change your lifestyle?

I don’t view my health as a number on a scale anymore. I view it as how am I’m feeling, and whether or not I am moving and breathing better. It’s not all about my weight anymore. It’s become more about if I can be the kind of person I want to be for those important people in my life. I am a Pre-K teacher’s aid, so being able to interact with my kids is very important to me! So far, I’ve lost 32lbs over 10-11 months with Pack Health’s help!

What advice would you give to someone looking to sign up for one of our programs?

DO IT! Because you are in a fight for your life, you’re in a fight for your health. Don’t quit and don’t give up, only move forward. Pack Health transforms your entire life, it’s a complete lifestyle change.



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