Can you tell me a little bit about how you found out about Pack Health and what made you want to sign up?

I heard about it through work and it was one of the things they offer for us to complete as one of the requirements each year. It sounded really interesting to me and I wanted to hear some more ways to get healthy. I thought that having a personalized coach would be really helpful, so I signed up!

We’re so happy to hear that! How has your experience been so far? How’s it been with Jennifer?

It’s been really great! She has given me so much advice and tips that were practical and fit into my schedule really easily. She was really wonderful and was very respectful of fitting these lifestyle changes into my busy schedule. I enjoyed working with her!

Did you two set any specific Tiny Steps you’d like to share? 

We worked on practicing eating slowly, how to count calories, and when to put down the fork and actually chew your food and taste it. We worked on sticking to healthy portion sizes and what it means to make a healthy plate. She provided a bunch of apps that helped me along the way. We worked on my step count, too, which is really easy to do as a teacher! I hit my goal of 10,000 steps with no problem! She helped me fit things into my everyday life that didn’t distract from the other important things going on in my life. We focused on little things so it didn’t feel like I was taking on too much at a time!

How has Pack Health helped you change your lifestyle?

It truly makes you think and take a hard look at yourself and the things you should really focus on. It wasn’t anything dramatic at one time, but it helps you focus on things that are doable and don’t overwhelm you. Slowly but surely, you become a healthier person. I learned how to stick to goals I’ve set for myself while being mindful of them in the process.

How has the current coronavirus pandemic either affected or changed your commitment to healthy living? 

It probably helped, to be honest, because being at home, even though you’re tempted, you have more time to get exercise in and plan out healthy meals. I think it helped in a lot of ways!

Would you recommend Pack Health?

I would recommend it to anyone who wants something to get them started and give them ideas for heading in the right direction. It really is so helpful.

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