How’d you hear about Pack Health and what made you want to sign up?

I heard about Pack Health from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama and it sounded like something I just needed to do. I thought it would help me manage my symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

We’re so happy to have you! How has your experience been so far? How’s it been with Alison?

Alison has been great! I started off having not done too well then I had two episodes of dehydration and severe UTI’s. After the second hospitalization, I thought to myself, “enough is enough,” that’s when I decided to join Pack Health. Alison and I started with my water consumption. I began drinking much more water and it really really helped!

Did you two set any specific Tiny Steps you’d like to share?

We set Tiny Steps to help me focus on the amount of water I was drinking and it made a big difference. I’m using a water bottle to help track my water intake. It has the number of ounces on the side and I aim for 16 oz at a time. Sometimes I use a McDonald’s cup that holds 32oz – but only for water! I’ve quit drinking Diet Cokes and it honestly wasn’t as hard as I thought with Alison’s help! Then, I started moving on to other things like exercising (now I’ve gotten up to 4 days a week on a stationary bike). I normally take the weekends off, but this weekend I felt motivated. I biked over 3 miles in 30 minutes! My goal was to do at least 2, but if I ever hit 3 I get really excited. I like it because I can watch TV while I’m doing it! This past weekend I had the weather channel on and they were talking about hurricanes – I guess it motivated me to pedal faster!

Staying hydrated and getting active were the main two things that made the biggest difference for me. My diet was in pretty good shape to begin with. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds with Alison’s help! My A1C has also dropped significantly — it dropped from 9.9 to 7.5.

Alison has been so supportive. I’ve been through some rough times since I’ve started working with her and she has really done a great job personalizing my experience. It’s made a huge difference. She’s been such a gem!

What advice would you give to someone looking to sign up for one of our programs?

I would say absolutely go ahead and try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


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