Finding time for mindfulness can certainly be tough when the end of the week rolls around, but even 15 to 20 minutes is better than nothing at all. Last Thursday morning I made it my mission to devote time to meditation every day for the rest of the month. Here’s what I found:

Thursday I tried headspace.

With Headspace I learned a little bit more about feeling my body with breathing techniques. I’ll be more specific because saying things like “feeling my body” can be quite broad. When I focused on my breathing and only my breathing, I felt each muscle in my body moving and contracting with each breath.

Mindfulness is a lot about breathing. When you practice any sort of mindfulness activity make sure to mute everything else in life. No tv, radio, or other electronics. Just focus on your breath and notice how each breath makes each muscle feel. It’s a fun game to focus on each section of the body and see how deep breathing makes it feel. You might start to feel muscles you’ve never felt before.

Friday I tried Tony Robbins’ Morning Meditation.

Tony Robbins is one of the best speakers I have listened to and I’ve learned a lot from him. He has a 10 minute morning ritual with which he starts each day. This isn’t a traditional meditation, but it’s great for mindfulness nevertheless!

I started with a powerful breathing technique that’s often referred to as the “breath of fire”. Take a deep breath in and blast it out quickly. The motion is similar to blowing up a balloon. Power breaths are a good way to get more oxygen in the body, and with more oxygen comes more mental clarity. I did 3 sets of 30 power breaths and felt amazing afterward!

The next step in Robbin’s routine is to pinpoint three things that you are grateful for. I haven’t really ever sat down and focused just on what I’m grateful for,  and the experience was truly empowering. Being in that state of mind, a grateful state of mind, has a way of pushing away stress, fear, and any sort of anger.

The next step is to say a short prayer for everybody who means something to you in life. Don’t worry if you aren’t religious because this is more of a focus on spirituality. A positive mindset is truly contagious. Let that positive energy flow into you and think about all the people in life you want to share it with.

Almost done! The final step is to think of three results in life that you are committed to creating. What do you wake up every morning for? What are you trying to accomplish? Imagine yourself standing victorious after having achieved it all. We all have different goals in life, and this is a chance to live in the moment with your goals and picture what it would be like to accomplish them.

All that in 10 minutes! I felt amazing after all of these steps, and it’s pretty cool to me that this is all generated in my mind. Using Headspace yesterday was more of a traditional type of meditation, but today’s session felt a lot different. Today taught me to truly appreciate what I have and what I plan to do in life. That’s a pretty good way to start the day!

This weekend, I put the focus on yoga.

Yoga is both physical and mental. It allows you to really get a feel for your body’s capabilities. I encourage everybody to check out the Do You Yoga’ youtube series – you can find it here.

Yoga has been a lot of fun. I tried some out last night and this morning and it made me a lot looser than I normally feel. Now obviously when you have a YouTube video playing it’s hard to tune everything out! Just use the video as your guide. Put it on mute and continue to make breathing your biggest focus.


Yoga, Headspace, and Tony Robbin’s three to thrive have all been enjoyable to try out! I’m going to continue to find a combination of all 3 that works for me and my schedule. You’d be surprised how much your schedule opens up when you find something you are truly passionate about.

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