Happy Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month everybody!

What a ride it’s been! My name is Evan and I’m currently the team lead for the Immunology Team here at Pack Health. Our program’s focus is to help our members lead happier and healthier lives while managing chronic conditions. We talk about all the lifestyle stuff, healthy eating (not easy in this country!), exercise (not easy with pain!), and adherence to treatment plans. I have a background in community health and human studies and have worked with patients inside and outside of the hospital setting.

I’ve worked with hundreds of members since I started at Pack Health. Wait, what are “members” you may be asking. We refer to everyone at Pack Health as members instead of patients because when you enroll in our program, you are one of us! We don’t like the stigma of being labeled as “just another patient” so we threw that word out the window. I’m truly honored to have the privilege of hearing each individual story from my members with autoimmune conditions.

“You listen to stories?” Yes, that’s my job! Each person living with an autoimmune condition has a story that needs to be told. Autoimmune conditions aren’t defined by a “number” or a “take this and call me in the morning” type of treatment. Each story is different, and with autoimmune conditions, we need to listen to each member and design them a plan that fits their lifestyle. Chad from New York may have just been diagnosed with Psoriasis, and maybe Helen from Arizona has too, but are those two going to have the same experience with Psoriasis? Absolutely not.

Every story that I hear is different, and every story makes me a stronger Health Advisor for this condition. Some people think that autoimmune conditions can’t be affected by behavior changes, that eating and exercise really don’t help much because these conditions are so different. I’m ready to tell them that on behalf of all the amazing success stories that I’ve heard and seen, they’re wrong! Autoimmune conditions are tough. They are complex. But you can make a difference with these conditions. Once you figure out how to take advantage of the things that you can control, it can be a game changer!

We have a dedicated team of Health Advisors that specialize in these autoimmune conditions. The stories, the wins, the losses, and the experience that we have shared with all of our members have equipped us to help others with these conditions. And we love what we do! Be on the lookout for some stories from everybody on the team this month. We’d love to hear from our members with autoimmune stories as well. Interested in telling your story? Be sure to reach out to your Health Advisor and they’ll connect you with a member of our team!

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