BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 29, 2021 / Leading patient engagement platform Pack Health and top full-service food and logistics company, McLane Global today announced their ongoing partnership to provide a comprehensive service designed to address food insecurity.

The two organizations will be integrating a beginning-to-end service that couples delivery of condition-specific food boxes and patient engagement to address access- and support-related issues as they pertain to food. Upon enrollment into the program, Pack Health will begin patient engagement focused on condition management support through phone, text, and email. Next, Pack Health triggers a secure communication stream with McLane Global, who will fulfill and distribute condition-specific food boxes to individual members. Organizations are able to set parameters of chronic conditions covered, delivery cadence, and food box contents, based on population needs. 

“Research has shown that subsidizing even a percentage of healthy foods can prevent deaths and save lives,” says Denton McLane, CEO of McLane Global. “We’re excited for this partnership with Pack Health that will allow people to focus on their health, instead of worrying about where their next meal will come from.” 

Evidence demonstrates that food insecurity worsens existing chronic conditions, increases the incidence of new chronic conditions, increases medical spending, and negatively impacts quality of life. As health insurers recognize eating habits as a key determinant of health, they are looking to incorporate solutions to address food insecurity as an option for beneficiaries. 

“Merging meal delivery services and patient engagement provides structured support to address a fundamental need that is quite literally essential to survival,” says Mazi Rasulnia, PhD, Founder and CEO of Pack Health. “This partnership enables us to flip the switch on food insecurity and create the infrastructure that will set people up for success in their individual health management.”


About Pack Health

Pack Health is an evidence-based patient engagement platform that changes health behaviors to close gaps in care and improve outcomes. The high-touch engagement model is proven to increase care access, improve patient centricity, and reduce costs. Pack Health comprehensively addresses chronic conditions, comorbidities, social determinants, and barriers to drive results across industries, including life sciences, health systems, health plans, and research. For more information, visit 

About McLane Global

The McLane family name has been synonymous with food logistics and supply chain solutions for over 120 years, with a reputation for honesty, integrity, and high ethical principles. McLane Global offers a broad array of services in Logistics, Distribution, Importing, Exporting, Procurement, and Private Label Manufacturing via their Texas, California and Utah warehouses, as well as offices from China to Southeast Asia, UAE, and Latin America.