In the News: A Refreshingly Personal Way To Manage Your Chronic Condition with Pack Health

My foot is tapping and I’m not sure why. I am really cold, almost shivering, because the air conditioning is turned down so low that the tip of my nose is turning red. All around me, I see other people waiting, just like me…but what are they waiting for? Perhaps they have a serious chronic condition or an injury. Perhaps they are waiting with a loved one, who is in the back room with the doctor, or maybe they are like me and have one simple question about their health; a question that could be answered in a mere 90 seconds but instead has taken me hours to plan for. Why has it taken me a while to plan? Well first I had to call the office, leave a message, get a call back (that I missed), schedule a time that worked, rearrange my work schedule to make the appointment and then wait in the waiting room to be weighed, asked what’s wrong and then finally see the person who can answer my one little question.

Where am I? Well, I kinda gave it away by talking about the doctor…it’s a specialist doctor’s office visit.

We’ve all been there. The waiting room is many times chilly and has a doom and gloom atmosphere no matter what you do. When you just have a minor question between follow-ups, it can be a lot of stress to make it there just to get a qualified person’s answer. Many doctor’s offices have phone numbers, but it is very difficult to get the answers you need in your day-to-day life.

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