In the News: Forest Park, Homewood residents pair up to have health delivered

For patients with chronic illnesses, Mazi Rasulnia sees a lot of what he calls the “6,000-hour problem.” 

Out of roughly 6,000 waking hours each year, those patients see their doctor perhaps one or two hours. The rest of the time, they’re on their own to manage their condition.

“Doctors, pharmacists, nurses — they all mean well, they just don’t have time,” Rasulnia said.

Rasulnia is a Homewood resident and the co-founder of Pack Health, which he describes as a patient engagement program to help bridge the gap between doctor visits. The goal of Pack Health, which Rasulnia founded with Forest Park resident Will Wright in October 2013, is to “extend the reach of the doctor beyond the clinic” and help patients better manage their health. The company started out at Innovation Depot but moved into an office on Sixth Avenue South earlier this year. [Read more here]