In the News: Patient Engagement in Immuno-Oncology

Examples of What Patient Engagement Means to Various Stakeholders

Patient: Do I truly understand what my condition is and do I know how to navigate and access care and support? Am I financially able to manage and afford my healthcare choices? What happens after treatment?

Physician: Am I providing patient education about disease state, treatment, other healthcare issues?

Systems: How is patient engagement measured from an outcomes perspective? (e.g., are we seeing changes in hospital readmission rates and length of stay, patient satisfaction, and medication adherence?)

Technology: How often are physicians connecting with patients via technology? What is being observed with activity and participation metrics?

Caregiver: How do I support the patient? How do I manage the financial and emotional stressors associated with being a caregiver?

Source: Mazi Rasulnia, PhD, MConsulting and co-founder of Pack Health

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