In the News: Pharmacy Advantage Announces Partnership with Pack Health To Provide Patients With Personal Health Coaches

Pharmacy Advantage and Pack Health, based in Birmingham, AL, announced today a unique partnership that will connect Dromos PTM software to Pack Health’s digital health coaching program. This collaboration will provide patients a continuum of care and self-help tools needed to improve their current condition.

“Linking our Dromos software to Pack Health’s services creates a synergistic approach to patient care,” said Jonathan Van Lare, Director of Specialty Pharmacy Services at Pharmacy Advantage. “While our pharmacists, nurses, and patient care coordinators utilize Dromos to document clinical drug counseling sessions, submit prior authorizations, track financial assistance, and overall monitor therapy results, Pack Health works with the patient to provide the accountability factor. By ensuring patients are making the right lifestyle choices to support improved health outcomes, Pack Health adds a holistic treatment element that is invaluable.” [Read more here]