Here’s What You Can Expect:

Step 1: Sign Up and Meet
Their Health Advisor

You’re here! After you submit the enrollment form, we’ll match your patient with a Health Advisor who is trained to help support their health.

Step 2: Receive a
Welcome Pack

To kickstart their program, your patient will receive a Welcome Pack in the mail with helpful tools and informational guides to get started.

Step 3: Personalized Programs!

Their Health Advisor will help them create an action plan that meets their needs and will keep them accountable in a way that works for them.

FAQs for Northwestern Clinicians

What is Pack Health and how is it being provided?

Pack Health is a digital health coaching company that provides personalized, remote health coaching. When you sign up patients for Pack Health, they are connected with their own personal Health Advisor (note: they may be more familiar with the term “health coach!”).

Through an Innovation Challenge Grant, Northwestern Medicine and Dr. Pick partnered with Pack Health to bring patients this program at no cost! When you enroll patients in Pack Health, their Health Advisor will work with the patient on a weekly basis to help set and achieve personal health goals.

This program serves as a Remote Patient Monitoring Pilot for 30 patients of Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital Endocrinology.

What patients are eligible?

Patients must have Type 2 Diabetes, Medicare insurance, speak English, and must be enrolled in Glooko with a connected blood glucose monitoring device.

How much does it cost?

Because of an Innovation Challenge Grant, Pack Health can offer this pilot program free of charge to the patient. Pack Health never asks upfront for any payment information from the patient.  Patients may be subject to standard copays and deductibles for participating in remote patient monitoring through this program.  The patient must consent to this in order to be enrolled in the program. If the patient has questions regarding possible cost, refer them to their insurance provider for estimated fees.

How do I enroll my patients?

Enrollment may only occur after the patient has set up their connected blood glucose monitoring device on the Glooko platform, with help from clinical staff.  The program workflow is dependent on patients connecting their device to Glooko before you may enroll them in Pack Health.  This is because our Health Advisors need to be able to view the patients’ Glooko blood glucose data dashboard in order to coach and meet requirements of the Remote Patient Monitoring CMS codes.

Enroll patients through our online form on this page.

Please fill out the “Notes” section of the enrollment form with the patient care plan for our records and billing purposes. Their Health Advisor will reach out within 48 hours.

How do my patients engage with Pack Health?

Your patient’s personal Health Advisor will call 24-48 hours after enrollment. The Health Advisor will set scheduled weekly call times according to the patient’s schedule and preference. If the patient prefers, the Health Advisor will follow up phone calls with 2-3 texts weekly to keep the member engaged and accountable for the goals that were set. There are also condition-specific online lessons that are delivered as part of the program.

What type of feedback will I receive on my patients?

On a monthly basis, Pack Health will send via secure email, reporting necessary for clinic staff to bill CMS for RPM Codes.  This is only possible if we collectively reach at least 20 minutes of call time and care management services per member within a calendar month.  You can also receive feedback about your patients’ data via the Glooko clinic interface. After engaging at least 30 patients for three months, Pack Health can provide aggregated and de-identified outcomes back to the referring provider.

More questions?

Contact: Carly Rosenberg