National Men’s Health week is officially this week.  We’re right in the middle of it, so let’s chat. Sometimes men need a wake-up call with their health. Let this week be yours!

My name is Evan and I’m one of the Health Advisors here at Pack Health.  Our job is to help others with self-management of their chronic conditions. That’s often a tall order, but our gift of a personal connection with each member is unlike any coaching program out there. That personal connection is a gift, make no mistake about it. It’s my responsibility to help my members lower A1C’s, reduce stress, learn how to eat healthier, develop exercise routines, develop medicine routines, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

That’s my responsibility at work, but as men, our responsibilities don’t stop at work.  Think about how many of your friends, your family, and your peers depend on you — for things like food, companionship, your ability to fix things (some of us more than others), your knack for thinking logically.  People depend on us to be their rock. Plain and simple. It can be overwhelming, sure, but the reward is well worth it.

Being a man is a 24/7 job (same for being a woman, but more on this later!).  So how do we make sure we are always there for those who need us? Personal health is something that is often put on the back burner.  Between work, family, and all the other responsibilities, our health can get lost in the weeds. “I don’t have time” is the new motto for this century, and with our digital world running 24/7, it’s easy to get lost in that mindset.

Thing is, men, we DO have the time for health. Drinking 8 glasses of water per day? Drink up when you’re thirsty, and knock off the sodas.  Eating a healthy diet? Grill up some veggies with whatever meat you’re cooking and season them well.  You can make veggies taste like anything you want, so the excuse of veggies tasting bad isn’t going to fly here.  Exercising? Something as simple as walking for 30 minutes a day is the current recommendation of the American Heart Association.  Walking guys!  You have time for it.  You probably get more at work than you realize.  Start tracking this stuff this week — walking, meals, glasses of water — and find out what you need to work on.

We’ve covered walking, eating, and moving, so we’re done here right?  Not quite. Let’s talk about prostate cancer. You may think that’s kind of a big shift in the convo, but it’s not.  Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in American men.  There is no definite cause, but men over 50, men with a family history of cancer, and African American men are more likely to suffer from this disease.  It’s your responsibility as a man to get screened regularly. It’s not fair to the people in your life to put off these screenings.

Testicular cancer is one that can be treated and usually cured with easy detection.  Screen yourself early and often! Here is a great resource for more on testicular cancer and some easy ways to check for lumps.

Get on track with your health this week fellas!  Your shoulders are heavy with the responsibilities of being a man every day, but there is no reason to add to that weight with bad health!

We’re in the midst of producing a prostate program that will launch very soon. Stay tuned!


Meet Evan Evan is a Senior Health Advisor and Immunology Team Lead at Pack Health. He’s passionate about community health, and loves to figure out what motivates different people. He’s learned a lot from the 250+ members that he’s worked with, and uses that knowledge to help people reach their goals every day.


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