It’s been said day after day over the last few weeks, that this flu season is a record-breaking one. For those of us with a chronic condition, this can be a bit more complicated than just a few days of illness and some time on the couch. Whether you’re debating getting a vaccine, or already coming down with something, we’ve rounded up some advice from medical experts and individuals who’ve been there to help you out.

Flu season as a cancer patient

MD Anderson has a great article about the flu and cancer. What should you do as a cancer patient if you’ve come down with the flu? Is it safe to take Tamiflu while undergoing treatment? If you’re undergoing treatment, is it okay to get the flu vaccine? Read about it here.

Fighting the flu with psoriasis

Are you on the fence about getting the flu vaccine and learning to manage your symptoms of Psoriasis? Click here to learn about getting vaccinated with psoriasis, how infection can trigger flares, and what to do if you’re on immunosuppressants.

Getting sick when you have RA

Meds or no meds, that is the question. Hear from Linda, a member of our RA program, about the unique challenges of being sick when you have RA.

Type 2 and the flu?

Diabetes can make it harder to fight infection, and in turn, an infection can contribute to high blood sugar. In addition to taking preventative measures, if you get the flue with diabetes, you’ll want to schedule a doctor’s appointment immediately and be extra attentive to your blood sugar. Read more here

Can the flu cause an MS relapse?

Is there a link between the common flu and a relapse in your symptoms of MS? Read more about this here

Don’t let this flu season wreak havoc on your life. Prepare yourself to take precautionary measures to get (and stay) healthy!

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