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Every member’s story is unique, but 77% achieve their goal in their first 3 months.

"It's fun, and it's simple, and your Health Advisor actually cares"

Todd Bello

Pack Health Member

Every member’s steps are unique

Member Spotlight: Amber

Background: Amber is a member of our Weight Management program, and has…

Member Spotlight: Dorothy Q.

Dorothy was one of the first members to sign up for Pack…

Arm Yourself with Knowledge

Psoriatic arthritis symptoms closely resemble those associated with other forms of arthritis. Let’s…

…but we’ve seen some themes in their results

On average, members with cancer succeed in reducing pain by 29%, and fatigue by 33%

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On average, members with autoimmune conditions reduce their flares by 50%

On average, members with diabetes reduce their A1c by 1.00 percentage points.

and the steps they take along with way!

69% of members improve
their eating habits.

58% of members
increase their exercise.

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84% of members master
medication adherence.

74% of members report saving money

by making lifestyle changes
by clarifying payment options
by reducing costly usage (e.g. ER visits)
by securing discounts

Our role: making time for what members need

Collectively, our Health Advisors have spent over 1.6 million minutes directly supporting their 14,700+ members.

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minutes spent
on the phone.


minutes engaging via text messages and emails.

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Up to 4

care coordination events per member per month.

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