This is how we change lives.

Each member’s tiny steps are unique, but
we see themes in their end results.

On average, members
with cancer succeed
in reducing pain
by 29%.
On average, members
with autoimmune
conditions reduce
their flares
by 50%.
On average, members
with diabetes reduce
their A1c
by 1.00
percentage points.

They get there by...


69% of members improve
their eating habits.


58% of members
increase their exercise.


84% of members mastered
medication adherence.

And 74% report saving money along the way.

by making lifestyle changes
by clarifying payment options
by reducing costly usage (e.g. ER visits)
by securing discounts


Our role: making time for what people need.

Collectively, our Health Advisors have spent over 1.5 million minutes
directly supporting their 7,500+ members.

247,425 minutes spent
on the phone.

300,613 minutes engaging via
text messages and emails.

Up to 4 care coordination events
per member per month.

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