One of the largest components of managing symptoms of a chronic condition is self-care. Shelley Smith, contributor for, tells us that it’s often difficult to prioritize ourselves and our health when there are so many other demands on our time and on our bodies. Another writer for The Mighty, Bonnie Feldman, explains “we need to stop feeling guilty for prioritizing our own needs. Self-care is about self-love – we don’t need to stop caring for others, but we do need to start caring for ourselves, too.” Here at Pack Health, we believe this is such an important concept to grasp, so, we’ve rounded up of a few of our favorite blogs that are discussing self-care, specifically when managing symptoms of a chronic condition, to give you some tips! Check out what we found:

01 Kate Jackson tells us to create a basic wellness plan as a starter.

“A wellness plan”, says Angel Blair, client services specialist at the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, “includes making time for rest, sleep, stress management, eating well, and getting exercise whenever possible.” This blog is specifically relating to MS but can be applied to any chronic condition. Creating a base for your self-care and keeping a schedule is essential, and will help hold you accountable.

02 Talk to someone about how you feel, maybe a support group.

Lauren Oster shares with us that seeing someone about our condition is necessary for our health. Emotional factors play an important role in how we handle pain and illness. People with chronic conditions may find it beneficial to talk to a professional, or others going through the same feelings.

03 Gain some perspective

Shelley Smith wrote an article about self-care for those with chronic conditions, and she says you need to change your view of yourself in order to survive and live well. “You can’t base your self-worth on your career or your athletic prowess. You need to find a way to value yourself for the person you are, instead of valuing the things you do.” Living with a chronic condition can be difficult and can make someone feel inadequate, which affects our desire for self-care. Changing the way you view yourself, and acknowledging your worth is extremely helpful.

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