When thinking of mindfulness you might think of breathing techniques or taking time to yourself. When in reality, it is the act of being in the moment. As it pertains to food, it is beneficial to practice mindful eating when trying to control portion sizes and choosing healthy options.

Here are a few tips from Pack Health Dietitian, Sarah, to help you mindfully enjoy your next meal.

01 Eliminate Distractions

Watching television or playing on your phone can take your mind away from how much you are actually eating. For this practice, it is important to have your full attention on how full you feel and be able to recognize those feelings to stop eating before you are completely full. This will help prevent overeating. 

02 Savor your Food

Take the time when eating to really enjoy the food and taste the flavors.  If you feel comfortable, some people even like to close their eyes for a minute to be able to savor the taste more.

03 Breathe Between Bites

Eating slowly is a practice that will take time. To help you slow down try focusing on your breathing between adding another bite. Take one breath in and then breathe out between feeding yourself. By slowing the amount of time it takes to eat your meal, you are able to stop overeating and appreciate the food you did consume.  

Mindful eating is a learned practice. Keep working to slowly eliminate distractions and savor your food — you will be a pro in no time!

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