You”ve probably heard that water is a key ingredient for health. It helps maintain joint lubrication, blood circulation, skin health, digestive health, bowel function, immune function, and a healthy weight. What you might not know is that staying hydrated will also help you manage the side effects of hepatitis C treatment, such as dizziness, fatigue, and dryness of the skin and mucous membranes.

Water can be an antidote to the side effects of Hepatitis C treatment.

Most side effects of hepatitis C therapy are due to dehydration. We’ve heard from members going through treatment that on days when they drink more water, they have fewer side effects. Make sure to drink water regularly, and enjoy the positive effects.

What to drink, and what not to drink:

Alcohol and caffeine aren”t recommended as they may increase the effects of dehydration, but you can experiment with other liquids like herbal tea, a hearty broth, or juice.  If you’ve been diagnosed with hepatitis C, it’s particularly important that you choose mocktails over cocktails. Hepatitis C is a disease of the liver, which makes alcohol risky- even in small amounts.

Strategies to stay hydrated:

Realizing you need more water in your life? Our 7 Strategies to Stay Hydrated post is a great place to start.

Dealing with Dryness:

In addition to staying hydrated, many of our members with hepatitis C have asked for additional tips on how to deal with dryness. Click here to read our 7 strategies for dealing with dryness.

Now here’s the really good news:

if you’ve been diagnosed with hepatitis C, you can currently enroll in Pack Health and receive a year of membership, free of charge. Click here to connect with your personal health advisor, and get personalized tips and support on your journey to better health.

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