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What if you had someone paying attention to your goals, texting you right when you needed a reminder, and finding new ways to make healthy living easier and more enjoyable for you?

"Every time I stepped on the scale, I could see a pound or two drop."


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"Someone being there to help you stay on track - it really works!"


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"It's fun, and it's simple, and your Health Advisor actually cares"

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Your health is important, and sometimes it takes more than just you to help you reach your health goals. Healthy living is like a team sport. Like all other sports, there is a coach that helps push you and maximize your potential. A digital health coach wants to give you personalized support and help you reach your health goals. Our health coaches at pack health are here to provide you with both empathy and motivation through coaching calls that will help propel you to a healthy lifestyle. The accountability starts here.

You set the goal, we’ll help you get there.


Coaching for

All it takes is a 15 minute phone call once a week, and text messages when you need them, to get you back on track.


Assistance to
take action

Your Health Advisor will connect you to local support groups, transportation resources, free nutrition consultations, and more!


and savings

Your Health Advisor will help you access medication assistance programs, exclusive offers from our resource partners, and more!


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