After being diagnosed with a chronic lung condition like COPD, your clinician may mention enrolling in a pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) program to help you manage your symptoms. Pulmonary rehab is a medically supervised program that focuses on educating and exercising to increase awareness about your lung disease. Pulmonary rehab is intended to help get you back to the life you had prior to the onset of your condition.

Typically, this program is around 10 weeks long and focuses on educating you about your condition and symptoms. In addition, you’ll typically be provided with nutritional counseling, condition-specific exercise classes, and emotional health support. Let’s breakdown what you might cover in a typical program.


The goal of pulmonary rehab is to ensure that you are prepared with all the information you need to know about your condition so that you can understand how you will be managing it.


Breathing and exercising can be extremely difficult, but the right amount of exercise can help improve heart and muscle strength. It can also increase energy levels and allow you to use oxygen more efficiently, which in the end makes breathing easier. Exercises like pursed-lipped breathing exercises and diaphragmatic breathing exercises are also taught to help with oxygen levels and lung strength. The goal here is to help you keep your breathing issues in check. Want some movement inspiration? Click here.

Nutritional Counseling

Keeping a healthy weight is extremely vital to managing chronic lung disease. Excessive body weight can increase shortness of breath and low body weight can harm your ability to fight infections. So, it is important to review how to prepare nutritious foods that are easy to make and enjoy to limit stress on the respiratory system. Pulmonary rehab is recommended for anyone that has been diagnosed with lung disease and cannot perform daily activities, despite the use of medications. This program is designed to improve quality of life and get you back on your feet.

If you’re interested in pulmonary rehab, ask your Health Advisor and they can get you signed up!

Don’t have a Health Advisor? 

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