Making changes for better health can be difficult and frustrating. If you are like most people, you have good intentions to make changes for better health but can get sidetracked by events seemingly out of your control.

Can you relate to this scenario? 

You are at the office and someone brings a plate of cupcakes he or she has made over the weekend. You have just made the commitment to yourself to start eating healthier to lose that 10lbs. However, those cupcakes are so inviting. You give in and eat one or two, and now you are feeling down on yourself for giving in and that you have no willpower. Now what?

As Health Advisors we hear versions of this story on a regular basis.

What we recommend is having a plan instead of only depending on willpower.

For example, shop on the weekend to have some healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, and nuts on hand for when temptations occur. Or check out our list of healthy sweets here. Prepare the night before the workday so you have a couple of healthy snacks ready to go for the morning. Use smaller snack bags and containers to properly portion these foods, so when snack time comes around, you don’t have to worry about portion control.

Now when the announcement or email comes about those cupcakes in the break room, you are prepared with your pre-portioned healthy snacks!

If the group is going together, go with them, but bring your snack with you. Enjoy being in their company and stay healthy at the same time. If they ask about your snack option, tell them of your commitment to yourself to be healthier and share with them your health goals. You never know, you might convince others to follow your lead to be healthier as well. This is just one example of how our members do better when they plan ahead, rather than relying on willpower to get them through the day.

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