The Mississippi Comprehensive Cancer Control Program is providing you a Health Advisor from Pack Health at no cost!


This program is offered through a collaboration between Pack Health and the Mississippi Comprehensive Cancer Control Program. You will receive free health coaching from one of Pack Health’s in-house Health Advisors for three months at NO COST to you. Sign up below!

Your Health Advisor Has Your Health & Happiness
at the Top of Their List!


Helpful and Motivating

Get support when (and how) you need it.

Secure and Reliable

Your information is kept confidential and safe.

Easy and Enjoyable

Your Health Advisor reaches out to you and you’ll feel like you’ve known them for years (seriously!).


Have More Questions on What to Expect? Check Out Our FAQs.

FAQs for Mississippi Comprehensive Cancer Control Program Patrons

What is Pack Health?

Pack Health is a patient engagement platform that provides personalized, remote health coaching. When members sign up for Pack Health, they are connected with their own personal Health Advisor (note: you may be more familiar with the term “health coach!”).

The Mississippi Comprehensive Cancer Control Program partnered with Pack Health to bring you this program at no cost! When you enroll in Pack Health, your Health Advisor will work with you on a weekly basis to help you set and achieve personal health goals.

What will a Health Advisor do for me?

When you completed your cancer treatment did you find yourself asking, “now what?”, and left you feeling like you need some direction? Or maybe you’re continuing on maintenance therapy and need support in managing cancer as a chronic condition? That’s where your Health Advisor comes in!

Health Advisors are non-clinical health professionals- meaning they are not registered clinicians such as nurses or physicians, but instead, they come from a variety of health backgrounds such as nutrition, social work, and exercise physiology. They are specially trained to learn about your experience, needs, and preferences related to your cancer and other health needs. They partner WITH you to create personalized plans for your specific goals for a healthy recovery following cancer treatment and beyond.

Here are some examples:

Are you experiencing uncertainty about life after cancer? Your Health Advisor can talk to you about how recovery from cancer isn’t just physical but also mental. They can provide resources and strategies for managing depression, anxiety, and fear of recurrence so that you can become more confident about the road ahead.

Are you managing post-treatment and/or maintenance therapy symptoms like fatigue? ​Your Health Advisor can work with you on developing strategies to address symptoms you’re experiencing after treatment or as part of maintenance therapy, like integrating small exercises into your daily routine to help boost your energy.

Are you evaluating your financial situation as a result of cancer therapy? Your Health Advisor will empower you to evaluate your financial needs and link you to support services and resources to enhance your financial health. They can also talk with you about healthcare debt, insurability, employment and advance directives.

How do I work with my Health Advisor?

You’ll work with your Health Advisor from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you are!) on your schedule. Your Health Advisor reaches out to you on a weekly basis via quick phone calls, text messages, emails, and online lessons. Don’t text? No problem. You can also choose which communication methods you’d prefer to use.

You also have the option to download the Pack Health app, which includes digital tracking tools and additional materials to help you succeed.

Am I eligible for the program?

The Mississippi Comprehensive Cancer Control Program is offering the program to residents of Mississippi who have had a cancer diagnosis and have completed at least one form of primary treatment (ex: chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, or a combination of these). If you are newly diagnosed, please visit for resources.

Who do I contact with questions about Pack Health?

You can reach out directly to Pack Health at (855) 255-2362 or at