Most of our Health Advisors either have or are working towards a graduate degree in a healthcare related field such as public health, biology or nutrition. They’ve all undergone a rigorous internal training program, so they’re well informed about the conditions we work with, well practiced in techniques such as motivational interviewing, and well equipped to support their members through any struggles they face.

We also make sure each of our Health Advisors is a caring, compassionate, and empathetic person who listens actively with great attention to detail. They are confident but humble people who will go the extra mile for you.

Lastly, we work as a team to support each member and all Health Advisors have access to our Medical Director and advisory board.

Your Health Advisor will help you with anything you need help with related to your health, health care or your well-being.

Health Advisors aim to focus on the member’s “chief complaint” as it is usually the biggest barrier to improved well-being. We cover everything from understanding your condition better, to saving money on medical expenses, to kicking a sugar addiction, to remembering to take your medicine, to asking the right questions of a primary care physician or specialist.

The first call is an introduction call. As a member, you’ll get to know your Health Advisor, and your Health Advisor will get to know you. You can let them know what you need help with, specifically or generally, and what your issues are. Your Health Advisor will go through the contents of the pack with you and let you know what to expect in the following weeks. Expect this first call to be approximately 20 minutes long.

We charge a membership fee of $30 per month of active membership (plus a $99 initiation fee). You can pay for your own membership, or you may qualify for sponsorship based on employer coverage, health plan coverage, or grants received by Pack Health.

Health Advisors stay in contact with you for as long as you are willing to be a member. Most of our sponsored programs are 3 to 12 months long.

Pack Health places emphasis on human interaction with a dedicated Pack Health employed Health Advisor. We make the process of engaging with us easy (e.g., no logins or app downloads required). We also ensure that you are working with the same Health Advisor over time to build trust and encourage higher degree of accountability. Finally, we have built a very robust system to help individual patients develop their own self-management skills.