Our Mission

To help those with chronic conditions live their happiest, healthiest, lives.

Our Why

At Pack Health, we get it. Changing health behaviors is hard. And changing health behaviors while managing a chronic condition can feel overwhelming and impossible. We knew that almost half of Americans have at least one chronic condition and we knew that taking charge of your health is a lot easier when you have someone to support you at every step of the way. What if there was a solution that not only provided this support but addressed the social determinants that made healthy living more difficult? What if we could make it easier and more sustainable for individuals with chronic conditions to stay healthy? These were our driving motivations behind founding Pack Health in 2013.

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“Engagement is key to connecting with patients. People need a consistent accountability partner that’s going to reach out to them, not the other way around. Pack Health addresses that need.

Dr. Sanjay Singh | Pack Health Board of Advisors

A Leader in Digital Health Innovation

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Pack Health Approved as an NBHWC Training Program

In-House Training Program

Pack Health’s program meets the criteria to train and certify health coaches in-house.

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Pack Health ADA-Approved as Diabetes Support Program

Pack Health Featured in ADA's Diabetes Support Directory

Pack Health was recently featured as an American Diabetes Association Diabetes Support Management Program. Pack Health is the only fully online program.

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Pack Health Receives NCQA Accreditation in 5 Areas

Pack Health Achieves NCQA Accreditation

Pack Health received Population Health Program Accreditation by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for Heart Health, Lung Health, Pain Management, Autoimmune, and Diabetes.

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Meet the Team

Our leadership comes from a vast array of backgrounds but share a common mission to improve the lives of those with chronic conditions.

Mazi Rasulnia, PhD, MPH
CEO and Founder

Dhiren Patel, PharmD, CDE
Senior Vice President, Medical Affairs

Robert Ginter, MBA
Senior Vice President, Operations

M’Kayl Lewis, NBC-HWC
Senior Vice President, Member Services

Subu Anantharam
Vice President, Technology

Brass Bralley, MA
Vice President, Pack Studios

Brantley Fry, Esq.
Vice President, Health Equity

Dr. Vipul Shah, MD
Vice President, Medical Affairs

Michael McMorris, MSW, LMSW
Vice President, Health Advising

Brett Wisse, PMP
Director, Client Services

Dave Masom
Director, Product

Kelly Brassil, PhD, RN, FASN
Director, Research & HEOR

B. Stephen Burton
Director, Outcomes

Brittney Vigna, MPH, CHES, CPH
Director, Marketing

Mary Beth Basu, RDN/LDN, CHC
Director, Payer Sales and Strategy

Matt Allison
Director, Quality Improvement

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“This is the missing link in healthcare. On a personal level, we’re improving access, reducing barriers, and helping members achieve clinically significant results. On an ecosystem level, we’re garnering real insight on what individuals need across experiences to improve health outcomes.”

Mazi Rasulnia | CEO and Founder

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